Federation of Indian Associations of NSW

Indian Australian community in NSW has many associations, but most of these associations are based on region, religion or language of India. A few are business and professional associations. Some are Umbrella bodies, but they have not fulfilled the genuine needs of the community.

While a few associations, especially a few individual leaders, have done marvelous job in helping people in need and promoting Indian culture, a vast number of associations and their leaders have been ineffective and non-productive in their expected roles and responsibilities. Their focus has been in photo-ops with politicians and Indian Government officials.

"Federation of Indian Associations of NSW (FIAN) is an Umbrella organisation of multiple Indian associations in NSW."

Indians have been the number one source of migrants to Australia over the last several years. There is a significant segment of younger people in our community, many of whom might need some guidance, support and mentoring for their settlement in this country. They are often not part of any association. There is a need to have them in our community networks.

With close to 500,000 people of Indian heritage in Australia, and approx. 150,000 in NSW, our community has changed in more ways than one. With the increase in the number of new Indian migrants, the issues they face have also increased. There is a serious need for good-hearted people to come forward and provide support and guidance.

Federation of Indian Associations of NSW (FIAN) believes in genuine community work within its resources and capacity, and service without conflict of interest. Its guiding principles are proper governance, transparency, accountability, and high moral and ethical standards. Its representatives are not motivated by personal gain.

FIAN is a secular association and is not aligned with any political party. Its members and leaders are entitled to have their indivisual political and religious views however. They can take part in the political processes on individual basis.

Members and leaders belonging to FIAN have been actively involved in community work for years and have achieved some significant results for the community. The LINK https://yadusingh.wordpress.com/2012/03/30/dr-yadu-singhs-community-work/ has details of some of their work.

FIAN representatives believe in multiculturalism and integration, as well as participation in broader Australian societal and political processes.